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Yong / 용


Winner of double gold at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Craft Korean American Soju made with the finest ingredients. 

Double Gold Winner at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2023

Available in

750ml at 40% abv / 80 proof
375ml at 40% abv / 80 proof

The classic higher abv soju made with 100% rice for a smooth, crisp finish. Made to be enjoyed straight or used any cocktail calling for a neutral base. 

Best served chilled and enjoyed responsibly. 건배 Geonbae!


Portrayed differently than the destructive fire breathing dragons, 용 (yong) are powerful and majestic creatures, said to be the ruler of the oceans and rivers. It is said they are able to control the weather and to bring either great prosperity or great destruction, depending on their mood. Yong are also said to be incredibly wise and its advice is sought by both humans and gods alike.

Legend states that all yong initially start as 이무기 (imugi) which resembled giant serpent like creatures. If they were to catch a 여의주 (yeouiju) falling from the sky, they would be transformed into a full fledged dragon. Despite their fearsome reputation, yong are also often depicted as benevolent and wise creatures in Korean folklore. In some stories, yong are said to be guardians and protectors of humans and will even go to great lengths to help those in need.

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