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Queen Huh / 허황옥

Craft Chai Gin made with the finest ingredients. 

Botanicals provided by The Chai Box.

Available in

750ml at 45% abv / 90 proof

Introducing our exquisite Chai Gin, a harmonious blend of traditional botanicals and aromatic chai spices. This unique gin offers a sensory experience like no other. The enticing aroma captivates both gin aficionados and newcomers alike, making it a versatile favorite. Enjoy it neat to savor the full depth of flavors or elevate your cocktails with its distinctive character. Discover the perfect balance of tradition and innovation with our Chai Gin.

Enjoy responsibly. 건배 Geonbae!

Queen Huh - 허황옥

Legend has it that Princess Suriratna of India embarked eastward on a journey inspired by her father, the King of Ayuta, who dreamt she would marry a distant prince. Meanwhile, in Korea, King Suro eagerly awaited a queen predestined by the heavens. Our Chai Gin reflects this historic union, blending the unique flavors of Indian chai with the refined taste of Korean soju. Distilled from the finest ingredients, it offers a harmonious taste that celebrates the convergence of cultures.

Also known as Heo Hwang-ok (허황옥), Empress Boju (보주태후).

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