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Dokkaebi / 도깨비

Craft Korean American Soju made with the finest ingredients. 

375ml at 17% abv / 34 proof.

The classic low abv soju made with 100% rice for a smooth, crisp finish. The perfect accompaniment to good times. Made to be paired with meals, enjoyed straight, or used in any low abv cocktail. 

Best served chilled and enjoyed responsibly. 건배 Geonbae!


Generally referred to as Korean goblins, 도깨비 (dokkaebi) have been referenced as early as the Silla Kingdom period in Korean literature. Often depicted as mischievous pranksters, they were believed to be spirts inhabiting inanimate household objects such as brooms or bottles. One such prank is if a farmer woke up and a cow was on the roof, that was a sign a dokkaebi was nearby. Although generally fearsome in appearance, dokkaebi were often depicted with great power to help humans with good harvests and fortunes. Even going so far as to be referred to as the Robin Hood of Korean folklore for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

The most famous modern interpretation can be seen every four years as the mascot of the Korean Red Devils, the supporters of the national soccer team. Blending a mix of King Chiwoo in dokkaebi form, the red face comes out in full force to unite the nation.

Most importantly, dokkaebi were known to love drinking and hanging out with friends!

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