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About Us

We're an Asian American owned, grain to glass, craft soju distillery in the United States, but our story actually starts a generation ago in small village on an island off the coast of South Korea. It was on this sleepy farmland that James' uncle made makgeolli in the makeshift brewery connected to the family home. Over many years, he'd hone his techniques and recipes without modern tools or machinery. It was an old world makgeolli in its truest form.

We used this knowledge gained from years of makgeolli brewing and blended it with modern know how to carefully produce the finest soju this side of the Han.

We believe in using the best ingredients and carefully nurturing every bottle that leaves our distillery. We start with using only the finest locally grown rice and ferment with yeast, nuruk, and crisp North Georgia mountain spring water for what we think is the smoothest soju around. Never any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or additives.

We hope you enjoy our labor of love as much as we do and remember to enjoy responsibly.


Minhwa is a form of traditional Korean folk art created by largely anonymous artists without formal training popular during the Joseon Dynasty. The literal translation being 'painting of the people' this type of art was a free expression to celebrate joyous occasions and often times used to ward off evil spirits. Known for using bright colors, irreverent forms, and humor, the paintings often shed an optimistic view on life and the future. Many of the common subjects in the paintings show up on our very own labels as an homage to the genre.

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